August. Part 1.

1.) God’s teasing me. One step forward. 3 steps back. Or maybe it wasn’t a step forward. Maybe it was just a glimpse of the future. It was exciting…and now reality is back.
Readers don’t know what I’m talking about…obviously. More words on this story later.

2.) Rousey was relocated to the spare bedroom [thank goodness].


3.) Tomorrow I find out my delayed allergies [if any]. I’m actually stoked. I wonder if sugar is one. I know I have issues with caffeine [my heart is not a fan, but my taste buds are…and they usually win], and I haven’t had sugar in quite some time…until lately – sugar cane – the real stuff. Anyways, my stomach hasn’t been happy…I think that’ll win out over my taste buds. One would think heart issues would win over taste buds but heart palpitations aren’t painful…just weird…if that’s what the odd thumping even is.

4.) This is Chloe.


She’s my parents’ dog. We kept her since she was born right before my 18th birthday. She’s 8 now…and already blind. The poor dear. I just love her pitiful self. It’s hard watching dogs feel bad…esp when you grew up with them. Lilo, her mother, is pretty much deaf. I blame grain and GMOs ;-).

5.) The husband wants to build a shed…and a bar for the garage. That makes me smile. We’ll be quite a team. I have a few of my own projects in mind. I’m happy to have someone to tackle my building to do list with me. It was growing…and I was getting overwhelmed. The shed and bar were on the list already…but the shed has to come first…which pushed everything off bc, really, who wants to dive into a DIY shed project by themselves?

SO. To sum up: healthier life ahead, the cat can’t wake me up at 4am anymore, old animals are depressing, and Mr. & Mrs. Crider are to become Mr. & Mrs. Handy [stop. this blog is rated PG].

That’s all.
OK. Bye.


Meet Rousey

I’m not a cat person. I do, however, have a big heart….which hurts my wallet.

Rousey wondered into the shop at my workplace. The guys saved her. My husband and I adopted her. She’s about 3 months old.

Our 3 dogs tolerate her stealing some of our attention. They’ll come around.

Since she’s been at the house she has learned she is not allowed on the counter tops. Jumping up there is especially tempting for her when I am making her food. She now waits patiently at the bar. 🙂


….dogs are still better than cats. 😉

Loner Nights

This is what happens when dustin goes out of town and I don’t have to put any thought into dinner – a tilapia “sandwich”. I bet you’re wondering why I didn’t just make a salad. I didn’t feel like salad. It’s not the same thing.
I bet you’re also wondering how does one eat such a flimsy sandwich…me too.
I’m glad no one is around. Things are about to get messy.


That’s all.


Whole Foods has Cliff Kit’s Bars…5 ingredients. They’re wonderful. Whole Foods is far away from me. 😦

Here is my recent find…that I’m super stoked about. Found ’em at Kroger.




If you have any information about easy go-to snacks like these, please feel free to share. If you notice that these are not as healthy as I think they are….again, please share information. Go ahead. Feed my paranoia. 😉

That’s all.

War of the Diets

It’s almost like a religious war.

Everyone has a diet and most people with a very specific diet are convinced that their’s is the best.

I, myself, have a very specific diet. It’s brought on by health issues.
– I avoid dairy because I tend to get sick if I consume too much of it. I figure if I get sick by consuming too much, consuming just a little is probably lowering my immune system. (By “sick” I mean cold symptoms, or sinus issues, nothing major…but annoying nonetheless.)
– Ever since I was a preteen, I remember having sharp pains in my chest. I don’t know what these were…but they were crippling. They mostly happened in the morning. I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed sometimes. I never complained about these issues. I don’t know why. Anyways, I cut out grain and these symptoms just started going away slowly. If I introduce grain back into my diet, I pay for it the next morning…never fails. It’s usually in chest pains. When we were in Vegas last week, I tried some bread at dinner. The next day my jaw hurt; I could barely open it to eat. That went on for two days. I went back to my diet pretty quickly. So anyways, I choose to be grain-free. Once again, if I notice bad results upon consuming a lot….no telling what’s happening when I consume just a little.
– Finally, I avoid refined sugars. I tend to get cavities really easy, so I just avoid sugar.

That’s my diet. I eat to stay healthy. I don’t eat to stay skinny…I’m sure if I were overweight I’d want to eat to get back to a healthy weight. It’s all about the health. I’m not on a diet to have a better body than someone else. If people choose to eat grain, dairy, or sugar, I don’t look down on them for doing so. I just hope that they know what they’re eating and how it’s affecting them. 
I understand that if an individual is sensitive to something exposure to that substance (which may not be a food) could bring on a disease that the individual is genetically predisposed to. So, if heart disease runs in my family and I’m sensitive to grain, consuming grain could bring on the heart disease. Not a risk I want to take. I am predisposed to many things – heart disease, diabetes, alzheimers, arthritis, etc.
I hear the same is true for cancer. Many things cause cancer, a lot of which are completely out of my control. However, if something I’m consuming can lead to cell overgrowth (aka cancer), that’s within my control and I’d like to stay away from it.

I didn’t mean for this blog to be lengthy. I hope if only a part of this post is read, that it’s this paragraph. In this war of diets, I’m independent. I’m not going to try to convince readers to take on my diet…and I don’t want to hear others try to convince me that their diet is better for my health.  I refrain from consuming grain, dairy, and sugar to protect my health. I would hope that’s what everyone does (stop eating things that are slowly and silently killing them, that is). Some people may not be bothered by dairy. Some people may be bothered by coconut (very healthy for me). Get it? What’s healthy for me may not be healthy for you…and vice versa. So we shouldn’t attack each other. Why not just pray that others find what’s right for them….and that they don’t find out what’s wrong for them the hard way – when their health takes a turn for the worse.

Thanks for enduring my ignorance of English grammar.

That’s all.